Review of Magic Trix – The Witching Hour by Sara Grant

Magic Trix – The Witching Hour is the first in a delightful new series for young readers by talented author Sara Grant.

On her tenth birthday, Trix learns that she is going to be in training to become a witch and ultimately a fairy godmother. The training is carried out in secret in an after school club. It is a very select group of five girls including three from The Enchanted Grove School, a nearby school. The hardest thing for Trix is that she must keep this a secret from everyone, including her best friend Holly. This becomes even harder when Stella from The Enchanted Grove School starts to be nasty.

This is a lovely and beautifully illustrated story, which delicately deals with some important issues including friendship and bullying. My favourite aspect of the book was seeing the familiars link up with their young witches – I completely fell in love with Jinx the little kitten. I can’t wait to read the next instalment in this series.

You can find out more about Sara Grant and the Magic Trix series on her website:

Thank you to Orion for sending me a copy to review.