Review of Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings

In Julie’s life, paranormal beings aren’t unusual. Seeing her elderly neighbour thrown from her house by a poltergeist, is. When she and her best friend, Marcus, intervene, Julie knows she is in way over her head. Julie’s mother is furious when she finds out Julie didn’t call for her help, and makes her promise not to do it again. But when a full on assault on Julie’s school has the place falling down around her, there isn’t a moment to lose. Unfortunately, it is Julie’s impatience that gets her mother hurt.

Now it’s a race against time to stop the malevolent force wreaking havoc in her town and not just to save her mother, but to save her very soul.

Poltergeeks was a thrilling read, with my eyes struggling to read as fast as they could. It is a very short time frame in the book, and the author manages to pack in plenty of action and keep the suspense building.

Julie is a likeable character, and she carries the story well. I enjoyed her interactions with Marcus and their budding romance. I thought the confusion over her feelings were well written and believeable.

Poltergeeks will appeal to a wide audience, drawing in fans of the paranormal and action, and a gentle hint of romance. This is a very visual book and it would make a brilliant movie, sort of hybrid of a tamer version of The Craft and Poltergeist.

Reviewed by Pamela.

Thanks Pamela and thank you to Strange Chemistry for sending us a copy to review.