Review of Spook Squad by Roger Hurn

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Jan…

The “Adventures Too Scary for Boys” series is aimed at reluctant and struggling readers.

The format of these books is quite appealing: the first dozen or so pages comprise a map of ‘Otherworld’, information about The Spook Squad a.k.a. Roxy, Leena, Nita and Emma, and a “Creature Feature”.

The stories themselves consist of approximately 30 pages, broken down into five chapters , widely spaced text with plenty of illustrations

Here’s what eight year old Lucy had to say:

The four girls and Rattle, the friendly poltergeist, work together to stop monsters and other scary things.

I have read all six in the series. I really liked these books. My favourite one was Ghouls in School. I think they all have funny bits.

These were easy to read by myself with not too many tricky words.

Thanks Jan and Lucy and thank you to Ransom Publishing for sending us the Spook Squad books to review.