Review of The Tale of King Harald: The Last Viking Adventure by Thomas J.T.Williams

King Harald cover


The Tale of King Harald is a fascinating book that I would recommend for both adults and younger readers alike. It is an illustrated story that tells the life of King Harald and is packed full of adventure. The book starts when Harald is a teenager before he became the mighty warrior that he is remembered as. We see Harald as he goes to Russia, Byzantium, Turkey, Palestine and England among many other places and learn just how and why he became known as Harald Hard-Ruler.

I particularly liked the sections of the book, which listed the Viking artefacts found in various places around the world.

This is a brilliant books, that gives an insight into the life and times of the Vikings. The illustrations are fantastic and it gives you a real feel for what the Viking age was like.

Highly recommended.


Thank you to The British Museum for sending me a copy to review.