Review of VIII by H.M.Castor

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Pamela…
VIII was the unforgettable account of one of our countries greatest monarchs Henry Tudor.

We are introduced to likeable child Hal, second son of the king of England. Hal is woken by his mother to flee his home to seek safety in the Tower. There is threat of an uprising in England with someone leading them who claims to be someone he cannot possibly be. Someone that makes Henry’s mother very nervous. She is sister of the infamous princes in the tower. As a sister she cannot help but hope the rumours are true and they are alive, but as wife to the King, she has to pray it is an imposter.

The bulk of VIII is comprised of Hal’s childhood, as he struggles under his father’s firm hand and seeks the comfort of his mother. He becomes a cocky youngster, his physical attributes and abilities shaping a confident young man. But with a shadow looming over him. Hal is only the spare to his brother’s heir. A replacement. Someone who can easily disappear once there is no need for him and his brother is on the throne. But then the tables turn and it is Hal who is named King.

The ghosts that haunted him as a boy manifest into demons in his older years. Suspicious and greedy, we are taken on a journey that turned loveable Hal into infamous Henry VII.

I’ve read a great deal on Henry VIII, and while there are a few nitpicks I could make about this novel, I have to commend it for doing not only a stand up job, but make the life and times of Henry accessible to everyone. Teens and adults alike will enjoy this novel as they delve into the darkest places within Henry VIII.

Thanks Pamela and thank you to Templar for sending us a copy to review.