Review of Wentworth Hall by Abby Grahame

Wentworth Hall is Abby Grahame’s debut novel. As a big fan of Downton Abbey and period dramas, I was really looking forward to reading this book.

The novel is set in 1912 at the home of the Darlington family. Wentworth Hall is a once grand home that is slowly falling into disrepair due to the changing family fortune. Orphaned teenage twins Teddy and Jessica arrive to stay with the Darlington family until they turn eighteen and receive their inheritance. Lord Darlington believes that the arrival and guardianship of the twins will give him some financial security. However, mysterious satires about the Darlington family begin to appear in the local press, threatening to expose explosive secrets about the family that will affect their social standing. Who is writing the letters, could it be the twins?

This is a novel filled with secrets, jealousy and passion. Almost all of the characters seem to be hiding some kind of secret, from beautiful Maggie to her quieter younger sister Lila and even the new Nanny Therese. Are these secrets connected in any way with the strange articles?

I enjoyed reading Wentworth Hall, it has a gripping plot and there is a lot going on. The characters are well formed and Grahame did keep me guessing until the very end.

Wentworth Hall is available to buy now.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending me a copy to review.