Review – Operation Robot Storm by Alex Milway

Today we have a review from Luke..

Operation Robot Storm – Alex Milway

In the mountains of Wales, something strange is happening. It should be the middle of summer, but Snowdonia has been besieged by blizzards and ice storms. The Arctic-trained soldiers sent to investigate have disappeared and the hopes of the nation now rests on three pairs of gigantic hairy shoulders….

This is the story of three yetis from the mythical 9th division who are sent on a secret mission to Wales which has mysteriously iced over. The three yetis Timonen, Albrecht and Saar have to locate missing British troops and identify why Wales is in what appears to be an ice age.

They come across a team of robots who are protecting their master Balaclava aka Dr Icepick who is blackmailing the country for one trillion dollars or he will create an ice age over the entire planet.

The yetis must overthrow Balaclava, save the troops and the world from Balaclavas elemental weather machine.

This book is a fantastic read and I loved it. The three talking yetis have great characteristics and my favourite had to be Timonen and his obsession with yaks.

The illustrations were a little distracting at times, but the writing and the humour was great, so I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

If you believe in yetis and believe they can speak, then this is the ideal book for you! You’ll love it.

Thanks, Luke. Thanks to WHSmith’s for sending us a copy.