Review – Rockford’s Rock Opera – An Adventure in Sound

Today we bring you something a little different. Wendy has been reviewing a children’s rock opera for us…

Rockford’s Rock Opera: An Adventure in Sound- lyrics and sounds written, arranged and produced by Matthew Sweetapple and script by Steve Punt and Matthew Sweetapple

Rockford’s Rock Opera is described as a unique ecological audio story with clear narration, characters, wonderful songs and animated videos for children of all ages. It is in a triple CD pack. Each enhanced CD features an animated video bringing the story to life and comes with a 24 page illustrated booklet featuring the song lyrics. These are illustrated with CGI type cartoon drawings. There is also a website where you can learn more about the characters, download and access other materials.

The story is based around Rockford and about a land far away, called Sea of Tranquillity where the Island of Infinity lies. The Island of Tranquillity is home to the last one of every extinct animal species. The story starts in Battersea and Rockford and friends support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home as well as Buglife. Rockford travels, by mistake, to the land of Infinity, the final home of all extinct animals, with devastating results. Only Moog, his young owner can save Rockford and all dogs from extinction.

The underlying message is about the environment and about the tragedy of extinction. There is a great verse in the song ‘The Tale of the Cocklebur Ick’ that illustrates how people can misuse animals .. ‘He captured the Cocklebur Icks Used their fur for fastening his bits Coz the coat of the Cocklebur Ick Was cheaper than buttons and zips! So the Tale of the Cocklebur Ick Is a tale that’ll make you feel sick! Coz people are twits! You’ll never see Cocklebur Icks.

Given the nature of the tale, some parts of the story can be quite dark and my 4 year old did get a little frightened but he wanted to continue to listen to it. My 6 year old, who loves dancing and music, absolutely loved it and was soon dancing and singing along with it.

It is a great tale with memorable rock music and fantastical creatures. My partner and I both really enjoyed it and were as keen to listen to it as the kids which makes a great change. At 2 ½ hours long it is a good length for car journeys and we will certainly be taking it when we go on holiday.

Thanks, Wendy. Sounds like it could be worth getting in for that long holiday drive then?! It’s here for you to buy now..