Review – Ruby Nettleship and the Ice lolly Adventure by Thomas Docherty

We’re reviewing for little ones today, and we bring you a new picture book, due out 1st August.

Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure – Thomas Docherty

Ruby Nettleship is a magical little girl with a dream, and with the help of her ice-lolly stick, she makes her dream come true..

This heartwarming story features Thomas’ trademark nostalgic illustrations with fantastical twists. Written with his wife, Helen, this story introduces the reader to children with different abilities and social backgrounds.

The first thing to say is that this is a hardback book, which is always great for my daughter, as she does like to grab the book off me! The cover is lovely – sparkly and eye catching. The pages are beautifully illustrated, with bright colours and really fun pictures. As the lollipop stick’s magic takes hold, the pictures become more detailed and enchanting on every page.

The story is charming and perfectly mixes fairytale magic with the reality of a little girl wanting her rundown playground restored. It takes us on an adventure with Ruby where she gets to make a real difference in her neighbourhood, and it’s lovely to think that children’s dreams are like this and that they can influence change.

I do find myself drawn to this book at story time, as I love to look at the pictures as much as my daughter, and I’m still finding new details in each page that make me smile. Ruby Nettleship is a pleasure to read.

This is available to buy now, and thanks to Templar for sending us a copy.