Review – Sam in the Spotlight by Anne-Marie Conway

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Emily…

Sam in the Spotlight – Anne-Marie Conway

Meet Sam. One big secret. One BIG dreama! Why has Sam’s sister fallen out with their mum? Will Dad ever reveal his secret from the past? How can Sam get her family back on track? And, most importantly, will she hold it all together on the night of Star Makers’ fab new musical? A sun-shiny story about the thrills and spills at the Star Makers Drama Club – a special place where everyone has their moment to shine.

Sam in the Spotlight is the third book of the Star Makers series.

I think that this is the best book Anne-Marie Conway has written in the series. I chose to review this because I had also read Phoebe finds her voice, and Polly plays her part. I liked how characters from the previous books were included in this too. It felt like meeting old friends.

This book was sad and happy, with a good balance between humour and tension. The characters were realistic, and there were real life situations. A funny part that continues through the series is that Ellie,(Sam’s Best Friend) keeps losing things, nearly always her script – and then she finds them in odd places, like the washing machine!

A part that was really tense was when Sam’s mum had to choose to go to a wedding that would change her life for the better, or go to her own daughter’s wedding. Sam sometimes felt that everyone was just ignoring her, even Crystal.

I would recommend this to girls, age 10 -14, if they like realistic books, with lots of drama and laughs. My rating is 9/10. This was great!

Thanks, Emily, and thanks to Usborne Children’s Books for sending us a copy. It’s here to buy now..