Review – Spartapuss books by Robin Price

Bookbabbler Bethan’s been reading Spartapuss books…

I am Spartapuss – Robin Price

Spartapuss is a ginger cat from The Land of the Kitons and he has been made (first as a gladiator then as a wild beast) to fight against his will and he will have to try to win his freedom at the next games.

My favourite character is Spartapuss because I think that he is cunning and clever.

This book is a diary written by Spartapuss and is set in AD 36.  It was very exciting to read because you keep on wondering if he will be freed and you never know what will happen!

Another interesting thing about this book is that because it is set in Roman times I found out some things I didn’t know about the sort of things the Romans did, like the way they made their prisoners into gladiators.

Cleocatra’s Kushion: A Spartapuss tale – Robin Price

Cleocatra’s Kushion is a follow-up to I am Spartapuss by Robin Price. It’s told as two diaries which alternate with each other, written by two different characters. These diaries are easy to identify because each new diary (and each new entry into a diary) has a different heading just like different chapters would.  The story is about an amazing cushion which has the power to bring characters back to life. It’s called Cleocatra’s because she was the first one to be brought alive by it. The first character in the book to be brought alive by the cushion is a frog called Jebel and the other is a cat named Haireena.

I think that compared with I am Spartapuss this book is probably a little bit better because the switching from one diary to the other keeps it more interesting and exciting.  However, both the books would get a 9 out of 10 because in places I found them both a little boring.

If you like historical fiction books these books are probably for you.  I would recommend them to children aged 7-10.

Thanks, Bethan and thanks to Mogzilla for our review copies.