Review – Stan and Mabel by Jason Chapman

Today we have a review from Wendy, for little ones….

Stan and Mabel – Jason Chapman

A story book about a cat called Mabel and a dog called Stan and how they set up the greatest animal orchestra in the world. Every book sold means a donation to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home where the author is artist in residence.

The book starts with Stan and Mabel living in a high rise block and how unhappy they both are, the only happiness they have is listening to the lady downstairs playing her beautiful music. When the music suddenly stops they set off to investigate why and find a letter about auditions for the greatest orchestra in the world that are being held in Italy. The book then follows their adventure travelling to Italy and how they form an animal orchestra along the way. It turns out that the lady downstairs is a judge and they become the greatest animal orchestra and tour the world.

This book is wonderfully illustrated. It has a mixture of black and white cartoon type drawings that help to tell the story and coloured ones that exemplify the written words.

My three year old enjoyed this book but did lose concentration as it’s longer than we would normally read him.

My five year old enjoyed the book and was very curious about how the animals could play the instruments and travel all round the world which made for a nice discussion about the book.

I would suggest that the book would be most appropriate for children who have started to read as it is longer than the average story time read.

Thanks, Wendy and thanks to Templar for sending us a copy.