Review – Star Makers: Polly Plays Her Part by Anne-Marie Conway

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Emily..

Star Makers: Polly Plays Her Part – Anne-Marie Conway

Polly’s dad is busy with his girlfriend, constantly cooing over their new baby, Jake. Polly’s mum is so busy planning her year away in Spain she hardly seems to notice her at all. The only place Polly feels important is at Starmakers Drama Club, where everyone is busy working towards their latest production Crash – a thriller about a girl trapped inside her own computer with only a load of nasty viruses for company. But even though Polly manages to get the starring role, Mum won’t change her mind about Spain, and Polly is dumped at Dad’s. Spending hours playing alone on the computer, Polly discovers a fantasy game and creates a brand new identity for herself – she can pretend life’s great! Diving headlong into her new virtual world, Polly withdraws from her school work, her friends and even her drama classes. Can her friends Phoebe and Monty B persuade her to come back to Starmakers before it’s too late?

Polly plays her part is a stunning book. It is so gripping. For instance, when Polly’s cat Cosmo is involved in a accident I was left wondering If he would live or die. I liked this book because it is realistic, the characters, the consequences of doing the wrong thing, and the plot. My favourite part is when Polly and Monty B are doing their dance on the television with the rest of the club, and Polly’s little brother crawls on the stage and tries to dance with Polly. That was funny. I chose to review this book because Bookbabblers had given me the other star makers book called Phoebe Finds Her Voice. I think that this is a girls book, for ages 8-12. I will rate this 9/10.  On the front of this book it says “you’ll LOVE this book! That’s true!

Thanks Emily and thanks to Usborne Children’s Books for sending us a copy.