Review – The Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones The Skeleton by Ron Dawson

Today we hear from one of our Parent Panel reviewers, Vicky..

Review of The Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones The Skeleton by Ron Dawson

When Sasha and Ben find an old box tied up with a red ribbon, they have no idea of what’s inside. To their great surprise out jumps a skeleton named Scary Bones. Contrary to his name though, there’s nothing scary about this fun filled and friendly set of bones and together the three of them find themselves on some fantastic adventures.

There are three books in the Amazing Adventures of Scary Bones The Skeleton series. Book one, The Lost Dog and Bone introduces the children and Scary Bones. Their new friend is in a bit of a predicament having had a bone stolen by a dog and unable to return home without it. Hunting for the bone reveals another strange occurrence. All the dogs have been stolen. To get back Scary Bones’ missing bone, they must first find who has taken the dogs and get them back.

The second. The Pirates Of  Brownsea Island sees the trio go on a swashbuckling adventure with fellow skeleton, Captain Cross Bones, the most hilarious tongue twisted pirate you could come across. Enemy Pirates have their eye on some hidden treasure, but Captain Cross Bones is determined to get to it first. As Sasha, Ben and Scary Bones get caught up in the battle, they face danger on the high seas and at the end of a plank.

Finally, in The Dinosaurs Of The Jurassic Coast, a day at the beach turns into an adventure when the children and Scary Bones find a doorway in the cliff face to a lost world. Things turn dangerous when they are chased by cave men brothers, Ziggy and Zaggy and some hungry dinosaurs all wanting to eat them. But there’s also a new friend to be found in the shape of super cute and friendly dinosaur Durdle Doorcus.

The Scary Bones series by Ron Dawson is fun from the very first page. Dawson has a naturally funny voice and his words twist and dance in a hugely entertaining and captivating manor. My daughter and I both had a good giggle many times at his fantastic turn of phrase. His characters are original and charming and there’s just the right amount of villainy and drama to excite and thrill. Our favourite was the second book in the series, Captain Cross Bones constant word muddling is hysterical and we both really liked the very sweet ending. At the end of each book is an envelope with a little surprise, which I thought was a lovely touch.

The books are described as being suitable for reading to children from aged 5/6 years old or to be read alone by older readers. My daughter is almost six and a very competent reader, and therefore insists on reading mostly herself.  With quite long passages of text and some complicated wording, she did find reading the books a struggle and it took us a long time to get through them. While the fun and lively language is a joy to read aloud, again the long passages and few illustrations made it a long process (although still enjoyable). I’d definitely recommend these books for children aged 8-10 who enjoy reading themselves. The action packed, humorous and original stories will appeal to both boys and girls and I’m sure the loveable Scary Bones and his fantastic adventures would enchant even a reluctant reader. I’m sure these books will be pulled off the shelves to be fully appreciated again in a couple of years time.

Thanks, Vicky. You can find out more at, and if you choose to buy them directly from there, the books will come signed and with free P&P. Alternatively, you can buy them from Amazon.