Review – Tumtum and Nutmeg: A Circus Adventure by Emily Bearn

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Bethan…

Tumtum and Nutmeg: A Circus Adventure – Emily Bearn

Tumtum and Nutmeg once again find themselves in a fantastic adventure… A circus adventure. Along with their old friend General Marchmouse and the two children, Arthur and Lucy, the Nutmouses will find themselves at the circus.

A really good book – General March mouse doesn’t know what he’s heading for when he accidentally steals a toy circus bus.

My favourite character is General March mouse because he’s funny and silly. The other characters in the book are mice too: Tumtum, who’s furious with anybody who gives away his secret hiding place (in a broom cupboard in Rose cottage) away, Nutmeg, who’s distraught when General March mouse doesn’t arrive for his birthday tea.

This book comes from Emily Bearn’s Tumtum and Nutmeg series. At first it was hard to understand because I hadn’t read any of the other books in the series but then I sort of fell into the story and I understood it suddenly.

In this story General March mouse thinks he’s joined a circus but he’s actually joined a…GANG OF THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This story gave me a mixture of feelings – sometimes it was funny like when I found out that all the mice were afraid of sherbet, at other times it was exciting like when Lucy and Arthur (the children who live in Rose cottage) were looking for the toy circus bus that General March mouse stole and sometimes even scary like when the book makes you think General March mouse is going to go to prison when he isn’t guilty of  anything.

If in the future I’m ever offered another Tumtum & Nutmeg book to read I’ll say yes because they’re really good books.

Children aged 6-10 would definitely enjoy this book & younger children might enjoy having it read to them.

Thanks, Bethan and thanks to Egmont books for sending us a copy. It’s in our shop for you to buy now…