Review – Winnie in Space by Valerie Thomas

Today we’ve a review by Wendy, and a book giveaway for little ones..

Winnie in Space – Valerie Thomas

Winnie is fascinated by space and she decides the time is right for a little space exploration. Wilbur is not so sure. Winnie’s magical rocket is quite tricky to steer through the universe and poor Wilbur can’t even bear to look. He feels a little less anxious when they land on a faraway planet and Winnie unpacks their special space picnic. The inhabitants of the planet are small, with long ears and twitchy noses. They’re curious and friendly but these space rabbits have rather strange eating habits – they munch on metal! And, for the space rabbits, Winnie’s rocket is particularly tasty. So when it is nibbled clean away, Winnie has to use some quick thinking and some magic to keep the rabbits happy and to rustle up an alternative means of getting home. This glorious galactic picture book takes Winnie and Wilbur on an amazing journey into outer space. But however exciting flying saucers, shooting stars and space rabbits might be, Winnie’s a witch who knows there’s no place like home!

Now before I start I should let on that my Children and I are big Winnie the Witch fans and I must say this new one did not disappoint.

This is the 11th title in the best selling Winnie the Witch series and features Winnie and Wilbur on an adventure in space. Winnie decides one day that to travel into space would be a big adventure, Wilbur is not keen but with an abracadabra Winnie conjures up a rocket and off they go.

They land on a planet to have a picnic and attract space rabbits who strangely like to eat metal and start eating Winnie’s rocket. Winnie tries to stop them by conjuring up a pile of metal It’s too late though they have eaten all the rocket and Winnie therefore makes another rocket out of the scrap metal . When they land she doesn’t notice that a space rabbit had come home too.

This book is a brilliant read with the great illustrations that you would expect from the Winnie series. It also has some lovely drawings on the inside covers from children at Dunmore Primary School. It also acts as a good introduction to space and the names of the various planets

My three year old enjoyed having the story read to him and particularly likes shouting out abracadabra and counting down the rocket.

My five year old enjoyed the book and learning the planet names and after reading we studied the night sky like Winnie.

Thanks, Wendy. We have one copy of Winnie in Space up for grabs. To enter the draw, comment on this post, ‘like it on facebook or retweet it. We’ll be picking a winner at 8pm on Wednesday (UK only) – good luck!