Review – Yesterday’s Treasures by Richard Denning

Today we hear from Bookbabbler Jonathan..

Yesterday’s Treasures – Richard Denning

Yesterday’s Treasures is a continuation of Tomorrow’s Guardian in which the main character Tom discovers his powers of time travel, tries to rescue some other “Walkers” (people with time traveling powers) and comes up against Captain Redfeld who is from the Twisted Reality (a world that is parallel to ours).  Both books are set mainly in London during the 21st Century but there is some moving about and time travel.

Yesterday’s Treasures centres on the “Crown of Knossos” a crown that enhances the power of a walker and was destroyed years ago and fragments of it are now scattered across space and time. Everyone is after it, most seriously, the Cult of Knossos who want to use it to bring their old master back and destroy the entire universe.  Who will get the crown first?

But there is another problem.  People from other realities and times are appearing randomly. This can only mean one thing; the walls of reality itself must be breaking up! Why is it happening and how can it be stopped?

I think it would be a bad idea to read this book without reading the first one in the series because there isn’t much of an explanation at the beginning. I liked this book much more than the first one because it is much faster and has more action. Although the problem about the Crown of Knossos is resolved, a new problem comes up and it is obvious that the series will continue. My rating for this book is 9/10.

Thanks, Jonathan, and thanks to the author for sending us a copy.