Severed Heads Broken Hearts Blog Tour – Guest Post by Robyn Schneider


I’m delighted to welcome Robyn Schneider to Bookbabblers, as part of the Severed Heads Broken Hearts blog tour.

Writing from the male perspective

When I had the internet and television hooked up in my apartment a few years ago, the cable guy started laughing. “Wow,” he said, “your husband is a huge nerd.” I stared at him, wondering what he was talking about, and told him I wasn’t married.
“Wait,” he said gleefully. “You mean all this stuff….these science fiction books and guitars…are yours?”

It should probably be embarrassing that a total stranger had been inside my apartment and come to the conclusion that a boy lived there, but I actually found it funny. No one is who you expect them to be, and maybe that’s the point of the book I wrote, but it’s also the point of every interaction you’ll have.

People are always surprised, when they meet me, that I wrote a book from a boy’s POV, but the truth is, I wrote a book that was so emotionally autobiographical that I had to force myself to fictionalize it somehow. I was never a star athlete, but I know what it’s like to question the ideas everyone else seems to have about your future. I was never the victim of a hit and run accident, but I know what it’s like when your friends disappoint you. And I never had a mysterious girl break my heart, but I’ve been that girl, and it made me realize just how wrong I was when I wrote about it from the perspective of the lovelorn boy.

So I suppose writing from the male perspective isn’t any different than writing from the female perspective. We’re all just stories in the end, and stories don’t have genders.

Thanks, Robyn!

Severed Heads Broken Hearts is available to buy now. Look out for my review of this fantastic book, which will be posted later this week.

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