Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails: Five bad boys who are just too good to ignore

Today we hear from our author in residence, Tamsyn Murray. Tamsyn’s new book, My So-Called Haunting, is now out and in our shop.

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails: Five bad boys who are just too good to ignore

Every girl knows at least one; a boy she knows she should stay away from but there’s just something about him she can’t resist. Skye Thackery, the heroine of My So-Called Haunting, learns the hard way that your head might say no, but your heart can shout go. Here are five bad boys from TV, books and films no girl with a pulse could refuse:

5) Dorian Gray

On the surface, Dorian Gray has it all; he’s wealthy, good-looking and charming. But he’s hiding a terrible secret, one which means he can explore the worst side of human nature without it affecting his everyday life. The idea is that the bad things we do somehow stain us, both in character and in appearance, so when Dorian finds a way to project the evil things he does onto a portrait he keeps locked in the attic, it means he stays as young, attractive and likeable as ever in spite of his cruelty and criminal exploits. Eventually, everything catches up with him but I was fascinated by the way he could behave terribly but stay irresistible. Even so, he was one bad boy I only ever wanted to admire from afar. He might have a glamorous lifestyle and seem kind and charming but unlike with other bad boys on this list, it was all an act. Sadly.

4) Heathcliff

The passionate hero of Wuthering Heights would be on a lot of Bad Boy lists. Dark and moody, he was the first literary bad boy to really capture my heart. Although I often found him to be cruel, I could totally see why Catherine fancied him; sexy, rude and arrogant, he was everything a good girl should run from. But he had a really difficult life and she led him on a bit. I couldn’t help wondering what he would have been like if he’d born into a rich family – would he have been the Mr Darcy of the Yorkshire Moors? I desperately wanted things to work out for him and the love of his life but it just wasn’t to be. Does his ghost still haunt the windswept heathers or did he find peace at last with Catherine? I hope it was the second one.

3) Joey Tribbiani

Joey from Friends is an easy choice for this list. Funny and deliciously handsome, if not too bright, he was fanciable in the extreme but his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude marked him out as the kind of boy your mum warned you about. Joey often meant well but he had the attention span of a toddler on Jelly Tots and couldn’t help getting distracted by the pretty girls he met. I longed for him to meet his match and settle down but at the same time secretly wished I’d be the girl to tame him. At the end of the series, he was the only Friend not to be loved up, which was kind of sad. Come to think of it, I could still be in with a chance. Anyone got his number?

2) Angel

I first met Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1992 movie and I loved the black humour and OTT acting. Then the TV show came along and my love affair really started. Buffy was a great heroine; mixed up, vulnerable and up there with Jason Bourne on the kick-ass front. There was a host of excellent supporting characters, too, but it was the dark and brooding vampire, Angel, who really caught my attention. Mysterious and tortured (also utterly gorgeous, did I mention that?), Angel fights his murderous nature to help Buffy battle the evil hordes roaming Sunnydale. Of course she falls for him, in spite of the obvious fact it’s a match made in hell – who wouldn’t? But when Angel goes bad, he goes really bad. Even then, I still fancied him; the hallmark of a true bad boy. It just wasn’t the same after he left Sunnydale…someday, I hope he’ll come back and sweep Buffy off her feet. Sigh.

1) Danny Zucko

Danny Zucko from Grease is classic bad boy material – on the surface, brash and a little bit mean but underneath the cool exterior, sensitive and sweet. It’s a familiar story; sub-zero boy meets geeky girl but Danny has more going for him than most heroes. He’s gorgeous and sexy and, boy, can he move. I adored him from the very start of the film and his misguided attempts to win Sandy’s heart made me fancy him even more. Danny’s problem is that he can’t decide what’s more important; how he feels about Sandy or the opinions of his mates and the film is as much about growing up as it is a love story. Ultimately, he follows his heart, which is why he’s at the Top of my Bad Boy Pops.

Thanks, Tamsyn! Who would be on your list? Authors – you’re welcome to write your guest posts on this one and send them to us..