The Dark Inside Blog Tour: Guest Post by Madeleine Milburn

The Dark Inside


I am delighted to welcome Madeleine Milburn to Bookbabblers today as part of the blog tour for The Dark Inside by Rupert Wallis.

Guest Post by Madeleine Milburn

As a literary agent, perhaps the most exciting part of my job is finding new talent. I receive around 30 to 40 manuscripts a day from writers wanting to get published, so something has to be very special to get my attention. This is precisely what happened when I received Rupert’s manuscript for THE DARK INSIDE. As soon as I started reading it I literally couldn’t stop.

I devoured the whole book in one sitting. I can honestly say it was the most powerful, thought-provoking, and beautifully-written story I had read in a long time.  I emailed Rupert straight away that afternoon, telling him how moved I was by his writing. 

THE DARK INSIDE very much reminded me of David Almond’s SKELLIG. But in Rupert’s work I found the characters had such a genuine and uplifting way of coping with grief and those big ‘unanswerable’ questions in life.  I could see the influence of the poet and the scriptwriter in him; the storytelling was so powerful and atmospheric, and it had a very cinematographic feel to it – I could imagine each moment being played out so vividly. As such, I could also see the story appealing to all age groups – children, teenagers and adults.

As well as finding Rupert a wonderful home in the UK, I knew that this book had the potential to resonate with readers around the world. De Agostini in Italy has already translated the story into Italian, and has used a cover drawn by the famous Italian Illustrator Fabian Negrin (see below). It’s so exciting to see how the same book is marketed in different countries, and how they each take away something a little different from their reading of the story. I now have the book on submission with American publishers and foreign publishers from all around the world. 

My job as an agent is to find Rupert truly passionates publishers that will care about him and his work, and do everything they can to bring his book to a wide readership. Simon & Schuster are giving him a wonderful launch in the UK. Their book cover so striking (bottom left), showing the threatening, twisted core that can reside in all of us. But this core, this darkness inside, can also be a source of light, carrying with it the potential for redemption and forgiveness… 

The Dark Inside

Dark Inside Italian


Madeleine Milburn founded the Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency at the beginning of 2012. She represents a wide variety of children’s, young adult and adult fiction. She is incredibly passionate about the books she represents and endeavours to provide each of her authors with the best publishing platforms around the world.

Thanks, Madeleine.

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