Undeniable Blog Tour – Guest Post by Liz Bankes

Undeniable cover

I’m really excited to be hosting the Undeniable blog tour today with a guest post from Liz Bankes.

Character profile for Gabi. 

Gabi first appeared in Irresistible as the best friend of main character Mia, who was caught up in a complicated summer romance. Undeniable is Gabi’s story, one year on, as she prepares to spend her summer interning on a TV show/stalking celebrities.

 Name: Gabi Morgan

 Age: 17

 Celebrity crush: Everyone in One Direction, Union J and that other band that is pretty much the same. Also, Johnny Green from my FAVE programme ever, The Halls. I have an internship on the show this summer, which means I get to follow him around as a professional and not a stalker.

 Favourite film: The Twilights, although I fast-forward through most of the running and the fighting and just watch the kissing. I’d like to live in that hut with the wolf-people who only wear shorts.

What luxury item would you take to a desert island? My phone so I could call someone to take me home again. And so I could check Facebook.

And which person? Someone who is a cross between my best friend Mia and Katniss from The Hunger Games, so we could talk about boys, but also she could catch us food and show me how to live in a tree.

What would be your ideal date? Something posh and swanky where you get dressed up and drink champagne. All my ex Max and I would do on date night was watch boxsets in our pyjamas and eat loads of ice cream. It was fun, though. 

Thanks, Liz!

Undeniable is a book that I have been really looking forward to reading all summer, so look out for my review which will be up soon. I highly recommend this book!