What’s Coming Up At Bookbabblers?

We thought a little update might be in order about now. We know you like to know what’s happening here, so here it is:

We’re now numbering 332 Twitter followers, 218 Facebook fans and 148 website members. A great start to our group, and hope you’re all enjoying it? We now want to break through the magic 1000 mark, so that’s the next milestone we’ve set ourselves. As such, we have lots more ‘spreading the word’ planned here, and we’d like to think some of you guys are telling people about us, too. If you want to pop a poster up about us somewhere, just email us and we can send you one to print off. Of course, as a thank you, we’re sure to be able to arrange a few prizes when we break through the 1000 mark!!

So, what are we working on now? We’ve quite a few plans to further develop and bring you even greater things over the next few months, such as:

Growing our review panel: We’re starting to get quite a few books through to us now to review, so not only does that mean that we’ll be sharing more reviews with you, it also means we’ll probably need more people on our Bookbabbler review panel soon. If you’d like to be considered when that time comes, just send in a review on something you’ve recently read, along with your age and what books you like, letting us know you would like to be part of the panel. We’ll get back in touch with people when we feel we need more reviewers, though it’s looking likely to be sooner rather than later.

Developing our For Little Ones page: We added this page in from the start, but haven’t really worked on it since launch. We’d now like to regularly feature books for younger children, both old and new titles. We’ll be looking for a parents review panel for this one, so if you’re interested, just drop us an email. Equally, any publishers can add us to their review list for younger readers, too, now.

Author in Residence: We plan to have an author in residence each month, and no, that doesn’t mean they have to come and live with us! Said author will be part of the babble that month however they like, getting involved by writing guest posts, Q&A’s, featuring reviews of their book(s), extracts from their books, commenting on blog posts, signed book giveaways, having a thread open in our forum for babblers to chat to them over the month and just generally getting to know them better. Hope you’re as excited as us about this idea, and authors, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to be ‘in residence’ with Bookbabblers!!

Bookbabblers Members Page: You’ve already heard a little from our review panel, so they’d be the first to be included on this page, but what about the rest of you? We want to know your favourite authors, books, hobbies, why you love to read and what you like about the Bookbabblers, so we’ll introduce members to you. We’re also thinking of running some sort of Bookbabbler awards, with those who read book of the month with us, contribute to the babble etc. having the chance to be rewarded – need to give more thought to this one, but ideas welcome!

Non-Fiction Pages: We plan to have non fiction pages, sponsored monthly by publishers, on any themes you want – cookery, gardening, football, space, dinosaurs, animals, The Vikings, dancing – anything!! The idea would be that a whole page is devoted to the theme, with the publisher/authors writing content they choose and featuring any good books related to that subject. Again, get in touch if you’ve themes you’d like to see, or if you’d like to sponsor a page. We’re looking forward to expanding into the non fiction world..!

Coming up in the next couple of weeks: So much!! This very day, we’ll be bringing you our review of Susie Day’s ‘Girl Meets Cake’, and Susie’s been kind enough to offer us a signed copy of the book for a giveaway, so look out for that later today. We also have posts from Jenna Burtenshaw, Tamsyn Murray’s Harriet Houdini, our review of The Littlest Detective books, a Q&A with Simon B Nicholson and our review of the first of The Oldmoor Orphans books, Simon Cheshire’s Saxby Smart shares his tips on how to be a detective, oh, and so many more great books being reviewed and fabulous authors dropping by. And of course, there’s bound to be a few prizes along the way!!

Quick heads up on July’s Book of the Month reads, too, so you can get your copies now. We’ll be reading ‘Gimme a Call’ by Sarah Mlynowski (thanks to Amber’s suggestion), ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ by Derek Landy (as our reviewers Josef and Jonathan both like Derek Landy) and ‘Ballet Shoes’ by Noel Streatfeild (Amber says it’s an all time fave of hers and Bethan names Noel Streatfeild as a favourite author). We’ll bring you more details on these at the end of the month, and all are in our shop now so you can order them ready to join the July babble!

Happy reading!