What’s Happening at Dino FC?

Here at Bookbabblers, we’re enjoying our book of the month reads (hope you are, too?) and are being kept busy by authors and a fair few characters stopping by….

Let us introduce Dino FC to you – ‘A wild and witty new illustrated series, which matches the buzz and action of the premiership with cool dinosaur characters. Join football anager Terry Triceratops and the Dinosaur FC squad for the first two comic kickoffs in this new illustrated series. The Premiership goes prehistoric as Dinosaur FC struggle to secure a win against Jurassic Park Rangers to avoid relegation, and then lure star striker Dazza Dimetrodon to join the team.’

We’ve managed to sneak a little look at Terry’s diary…


I’m writing this from my tiny office at the foot of Mount Rumble. Looking after a struggling team in the Dino Premiership isn’t easy, but it does have its rewards. Today we had a great training session, with everyone working hard – even Jose Heterodontosaurus, who is very injury prone, and Steggy Stegoceras, who thinks he knows better than anyone else.

Now we’re in the close season it’s a great chance to try out new free kick routines and so on. Our new routine involves Eric and Albert Allosaurus not arguing over who is going to take it.


Well, the World Cup isn’t so far away now. I’ll be watching every match with a crayon and paper, on the look out for any new tactics we can use or players we can sign (in my dreams!) My second-in-command, Cyril Stegosaurus, is going to be watching the matches in person. He got a cheap flight on Pterodactyl Airways and flies out next week.


The heat! Very hot today. The team complained a lot cos I made them run along Fossil beach for a couple of hours. Like most dinosaurs I like fossils – they tell us a lot about the earth before us dinosaurs appeared.

Been in touch with the manager of Sauropod Celtic, trying to arrange a pre-season friendly. Wish Eric and Albert cuold be more friendly with each other – been fighting again!


Being a player manager isn’t just about football I’m afraid. Today I had to ask my chairman for some money to buy new training balls. Marcus Diplodocus lost eight during our morning penalty practice session. (three went straight into the volcano). The chairman doesn’t really like spending money so he suggested we use coconuts instead. Not a bad idea. They’d certainly toughen up our feet.

Now that you’ve seen a peek of his diary, if you’d like to keep up with Terry on Twitter, you can follow him here, and of course we’ve added the books to our shop. Last month, 2 of our lucky members won sets of Dino FC, courtesy of Usborne Children’s Books, so hope they’re enjoying them?!

Keith Brumpton is the author and illustrator of the Dino FC book series, and also the creator of CBBC’s M.I.High. He has written loads of cartoon series such as 64 Zoo Lane. He divides his time between writing for TV and writing and illustrating books. He’s had over thirty titles published to date (2 more in the Dino FC series will be published in October, so look out for those). He is also one of the Usborne authors who has written a story starter for the Usborne Young Writers’ Award www.usborne.com/youngwritersaward, that we told you about last month.