Why be a Bookbabbler?

Well, that’s a good question. Why would you poke around the site and then join us? There are plenty of reasons, so here are a few. We’d like anyone that enjoys reading to join us to show everyone that there are plenty of you out there!! It’s a bit of an experiment really to see how many members we can get, how many Twitter followers, how many becoming fans of our Facebook page, how the word can spread. If the idea of being a part of a new and growing group isn’t doing it for you, how about our main purpose – to get us all reading and chatting through our books. By being a part of our virtual group, you will know that others are reading the same book as you and you can then happily chat away about it in the forum and share your thoughts. In this case, it’s probably a good idea, as well as joining us by clicking to ‘register’ on the right of the homepage, that you click to subscribe to our emails as you will then get updates of what we’re doing and we’ll announce the books we’ll be reading the next month a week in advance so you can order copies in our shop or get them from the library ready. To follow us on Twitter, click on the ‘t’ at the top right of the page and to ‘like’ us on FaceBook just pop to our page by clicking on our FaceBook status on the right. A key part of being part of our group is that it’s very much your group, too. As such, we will regularly randomly choose members to decide on and contribute to what we are doing. For example, you may be asked to choose a ‘book of the month’ so you can tell us all what to be reading, you may be asked to submit questions for an author interview we have lined up, you may be asked what you want us including in our blog for the month or you may be asked to start a new ‘babble’ topic. Hopefully you’ll enjoy being a part of our group like this, but don’t worry if that’s not your thing – we’ll ask you but you can say no!! As our group is just starting out, register now as the chances of you being chosen to help us is good as there’s not many of you …yet!

Mentioning the forum there, we notice a few topics are starting up. Greeny isn’t too sure about New Moon, Pengy thinks The BFG’s Sophie is a good candidate for our babble lead female character and we’ve a few opinions about our favourite Roald Dahl book – go on, join now and chuck your views into the mix.

When we’re not blogging, reading or babbling, you’ll find us shopping for books! We have our link here on site directly to the Book Shop which includes Amazon’s children’s books range, and to make your lives nice and easy, we add our book of the months and any other books featured on this site to the first couple of pages. While we were browsing and picking a few new titles out, we spotted that Amazon currently have a load of children’s books on offer – just click here to go see – up to 40% off children’s books

Happy reading!